Wholesale Electricity Services

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Our Wholesale Electricity Approach

Most third-party retail electric suppliers buy power from the wholesale market and then mark it up and sell it to the end-use customer. Our approach lets the largest electricity consumers buy directly from the wholesale power markets where APN can take title to that power on your behalf - providing full transparency.

Helping Large Consumers of Electricity Save

For very large consumers of electricity who use many megawatts of power such as universities, data centers, municipal utilities, and major industrial and commercial companies, APN provides industry-leading, and award-winning wholesale electricity management services. These services provide electric intensive clients direct access to the wholesale electric markets essentially enabling them to become their own self-serving (virtual or actual) electric supplier, and subsequently receive the multitude of benefits of doing so.

We're Here for Smaller Businesses Too

American PowerNet works with smaller business consumers such as commercial entities, property owners, and mid-size industrial manufacturers as well. In deregulated electric markets, these types of consumers typically purchase electricity from traditional retail electric suppliers and not the wholesale market. For these clients we utilize our network of qualified retail suppliers and we competitively negotiate and bid for the best supply offers that meet our client’s specific needs.

Customized Strategies for Any Business

Understanding our client's needs and goals, operations, and budgets, risk policies and constraints enables us to customize an electric procurement strategy (including renewable power) for each individual end-user. Contact us today to see how we can help you create your unique strategy.

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