About American PowerNet

About American PowerNet

Who We Are

Almost twenty years ago, American PowerNet was the first company in the nation to introduce sub-accounts for business and public entities. This allowed us to be first-to-market with wholesale electricity procurement when deregulation was in its infancy. The American PowerNet procurement model has since been implemented by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, data centers, cities, and manufacturers across the country.

We have continued to lead innovation in the wholesale electricity market, never being content with the status quo. American PowerNet is now one of the first companies in the world to bring blockchain tools to the U.S. electricity industry.

What We Do

  • Independent: We’re an independent power supply company providing retail and wholesale electric supply services throughout the United States. We’re not affiliated with any utility, or generator. This independence allows us to provide our clients full transparency to the wholesale energy markets.
  • Dedicated: We’re dedicated to providing industry-leading energy management expertise to commercial, industrial, and governmental entities.
  • Focused: Our expert team focuses on innovative retail and wholesale power procurement services and transactions giving our clients a full array of money-saving, supply-side and energy procurement management services for the long term.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: Unlike our competitors who add management charges on an escalating scale (the more you use the more you pay), American PowerNet has a flat rate management fee, providing you with fixed, transparent pricing while saving you money.