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Meeting Your Sustainability Goals with American PowerNet

Heightened awareness and a desire to reduce carbon footprints has brought many large manufacturers, cities, and universities to want to obtain at least some of their electricity from renewable sources.  At the same time, state referendums have brought many sources online, further moving the needle for supply and demand balance.  This has resulted in a drastic reduction in the costs for renewable power, allowing many to now achieve their sustainability goals.

Let American PowerNet Clear the Renewable Energy Hurdles

Each renewable project has its own risks and rewards and the subsequent Purchase Power Agreements (PPA's) vary significantly. American PowerNet works with developers and corporations facilitating renewable projects requiring wholesale settlement, verification, and reporting services.

At the beginning of a project APN can assist in identifying potential risks and during the project we can validate the PPA's performance. This ensures:

  • You have a knowledgeable understanding of options.
  • Less supply risks resulting in greater price stability.
  • Optimal results going forward.

Because of our experience and involvement in the wholesale renewable power market, we know what to look for and our processes are geared toward providing you the most advantageous results.

If renewable energy is currently part of your wholesale electricity portfolio, or if your organization wants to make an entry into this market, talk to American PowerNet. We will answer your questions and search the market on your behalf.

If your electricity requirements are as low as 1 MW/month, take a look at our unique solution, Power Synch.

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